Purity Of Intention

18 Jun


hmmm..lama sy kira hasil kutipan derma ptg td.ini bukan kali pertama sy kira hasil kutipan derma,malah sejak jd ajk kecik kebajikan,sy dah byk kali bergelumang ngn td byk yg sy pikir,smpai terpksa beberapa kali mengira jumlahnya.

bila tgk duit yg pelbagai note,hati sy berbisik kagum pada mereka yg masih menghulurkan note 50 walaupun ini kali ke-2 tabung utk sahabat2 kita yg xbernasib baik di cairo dilancarkan.jazakunna khairan kathiran.

namun sy xpernah mengecilkan note2 rubu’ krana bg sy,mahalnya nilai rubu’ ini jika diiringi keikhlasan dan xde nilainya 50LE jika hanya utk mnunjuk2 dan sbagainya.nauzubillahi min zalik..

sy xbermaksud nk mempersoalkan keikhlasan sesiapa krana sy sgt2 sedar siapalah sy utk berbicara tntg amalan hati seseorg.cuma terdetik rasa takut dlm hati andai rase riak n rase ujub dlm diri sdri merosakkan amalan kita..

juz nk share sumthin sal ikhlas..

Ikhlas has been interpreted as being upright, sincere, and pure; being distant from show and ostentation in one’s intention and conduct; and being closed to whatever clouds or fouls the heart. Purity of intention, straightforwardness in thought, pursuit of no worldly purposes in one’s relationship with God, and loyalty in servanthood to God are also included here.

Ikhlas requires that one pursue nothing worldly while worshipping and obeying God, that one fulfills the duty of servanthood only because God orders it, and that one remains silent concerning any personal experiences of God’s special treatment and special gifts and seek only His approval and pleasure.

Sincerity is one of the most significant qualities of those most faithful or loyal to God; loyalty is regarded as a source, and sincerity as a sweet water originating from it. The most eloquent of humanity, upon him be peace and blessings, declared that one who drinks uninterruptedly from this water for forty days will find channels of wisdom opened from his or her heart to his or her tongue, and that such a person will always speak wisdom.

Loyalty or faithfulness is the primary attribute of Prophet-hood, and sincerity is its most lustrous dimension. Sincerity is innate in the Prophets; all other people try to obtain it during their lifetime. Among them, for example, the Qur’an describes the Prophet Moses as one made sincere (19:51).If we consider a deed to be a body, sincerity is its soul. If a deed represents one wing of pair of wings, sincerity is the other. A body without soul is of no worth, and nothing can fly How fine are Mawlana Jalal al-Din al-Rumi’s words:

You should be sincere in all your deeds,

So that the Majestic Lord may accept them.

Sincerity is the wing of the bird of the acts of obedience.

Without a wing, how can you fly to the abode of prosperity?

The following words of Bayazid al-Bistami are also very apt:

I worshipped my Lord for thirty years with all my strength. Then I heard a voice saying: O Bayazid! The treasures of God Almighty are full of acts of worship. If you intend to reach Him, see yourself as small at the door of God and be sincere in your deeds.

For some, sincerity involves hiding from others when per-forming supererogatory deeds and avoiding all show and ostentation. For others, it means that whether one is or is not seen while performing religious deeds is not important. Still for others, it means being so involved in worship or religious deeds in consideration of God’s pleasure that one does not even remember whether one should be sincere or not.

Self-supervision is an essential dimension of sincerity, and a truly sincere person does not consider any possible spiritual pleasure that may be derived, or speculate upon whether it will ensure entrance to Paradise. Sincerity is a mystery between God and a servant, and God puts it in the hearts of those He loves. One whose heart is awakened to sincerity does not worry about being praised or accused, exalted or debased, aware or unaware of deeds, or being rewarded. Such a person does not change, and behaves in the same way in public and in private.

so kawan2…jom muhasabah!xde sape yg blh ukur keikhlasan org lain dan kita sdri kdg2 xtawpun kita ikhlas @ x..bykkan berdoa agar amal kita diterimanya dan mnjadi credit yg sgt mahal utk kite di akhirat kelak..krana kita semua taw dan sedar..setiap yg kita lakukan adalh utk akhirat kita…stiap kali rase terpesong,istigfarlah dan sebutlah ngn hati…inna solati,wanusuki,wamahyaya wamamati lillahi rabbil alamin…dan insyaAllah hati akn rase tenang..krna janji Allah adalah kepastian dan nikmat syurga adalah indah..

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